Tools & Patches

On this page you will find the tools and patches I created in the process of porting eSTREAM ciphers into Linux.


Since WordPress has restrictions on the type of files I can upload, I’ve renamed the C++ and Python programs with .txt suffix.

  • gentv.cpp: C++ program that calls Crypto++ to generate large test vectors. On the Internet, we can find many short test vectors. But test vectors that are large enough to span a page size is rare. So we roll-out our own.
  • Python script to auto-indent Bernstein’s Salsa20 x86 assemby code. This allows people to verify that I did not tamper with the assembly code while indenting it.

Patches submitted to

Here they are. The dates are in GMT.

Old patches. They did not make it into the kernel and are here for documentary purpose only.

You would probably need to clone a copy of the latest kernel from the git repository using the command:

git-clone  git://

The download is about 600MB+. If you are only interested in the latest snapshot and do not need the full git log, you can add a “–depth 1” option. Enjoy!


One Response to “Tools & Patches”

  1. Nishant Says:

    Hi I am trying to include new cipher algorithm in Linux Kernel for IPSEC.

    Can give more detailed description on how can I do it.

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